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Calvin’s Comments: Jennifer Duval reached out to me when we were first getting started as wedding professionals. Her flair for fun and her can-do attitude won my allegiance. I’ve worked with Jennifer and Bryan under all kinds of circumstances, even in pouring down rain, and they are always unfailing. They bring a fresh approach to every situation.

The only thing you will love more than Jennifer and Bryan will be the photos they take at your wedding.

About Duval Digital

Jennifer and Bryan Duval are a husband and wife team with a knack for capturing your personality with their imaginative photographic style. Together, they are Duval Digital Photography. They specialize in a modern, fresh, and fun expression in engagement and wedding photography.

Being a married team gives Jennifer and Bryan some unique advantages when it comes to photographing your wedding. By working so closely together, they are able to deliver consistently great photographs. They love to spend time getting to know their clients so that the real people shine through their photographs. What Jennifer and Bryan really want is for you to have fun while they make great images of your wedding day.

Let them capture wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Modern ~ Fresh~ Fun

Jennifer and Bryan Duval ~ Duval Digital Photography ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado
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