Your Dream Wedding

Premium Ceremony – $425

“A Simple Grace” – Christian
“Simple Vows of Lasting Love” – Non-Religious

The Premium Ceremony offers a delightful variety of choices and personal options without the added cost of a custom ceremony. You choose from three choices of selected readings, vows, and such that best reflect who you are as a couple. You also receive a generous amount of personal attention from Rev. Calvin for planning and to just get acquainted.

The Premium Ceremony includes:

  • A free initial no obligation meeting
  • A personalized ceremony with choices of three selected readings, I do’s, vows, and ring exchange
  • A personal story about the couple
  • Personal vows, unity candle, sand ceremony, or wine ceremony may be included with no extra fee
  • Up to two one-hour planning meetings, plus email and telephone consultations
  • A one-hour rehearsal
  • Travel or location fees may apply